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Journal Writing to Ease Anxiety

Journal Writing to Ease Anxiety Panic Disorder Coping Print Journal Writing as a Tool for Coping With Panic and Anxiety By Katharina Star, PhD facebook linkedin Katharina Star, PhD, is an expert on anxiety and panic disorder. Dr. Star is a professional counselor, and she is trained in creative art therapies and mindfulness. Learn about our editorial policy Katharina Star, PhD Medically reviewed by Medically reviewed by Steven Gans, MD on February 04, 2016 Steven Gans, MD is board-certified in psychiatry and is an active supervisor, teacher, and mentor at Massachusetts General Hospital. Learn about our Medical Review Board Steven Gans, MD Updated on February 10, 2020 Witthaya Prasongsin / Getty Images More in Panic Disorder Coping Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment Related Conditions Journal writing is an easy and effective coping technique that can help you manage life with panic disorder. Through journaling, you can track your progress, explore your emotions, and manage your feelings of stress. Used with other treatment options for panic disorder, journal writing can be a self-help exercise that assists you on your way towards recovery. What Is Journal Writing? Journal writing, or simply journaling, is the act of writing down your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions regarding your life events. The term journal comes from a French word that means to journey or travel. Journal writing is a written record of your inner experiences of the journey of your life. Benefits of Journal Writing Research studies have revealed the numerous benefits of journaling. One of the most studied aspects of journal writing pertains to its healing effects. It has been determined that those who keep a journal are more likely to be connected to their emotions and problem-solving skills. Keeping a journal has also been found to help a person relieve stress, let go of negativity, refocus on gratitude, and work through difficult emotions and circumstances. Used as a coping technique, journal writing can be a helpful way to explore your fears, manage your stress, and enhance your personal well-being. Much like talking to a trusted friend or therapist, your journal can be a way for you to openly communicate your worries, hopes, dreams, and disappointments. Journal writing gives you the freedom to express your deep inner thoughts and emotions, making it a great tool for personal growth and development. For people with anxiety disorders, journaling can be a way to help clear and calm the mind. Through writing, a person can release pent-up feelings, escape from everyday stressors, and let go of negative thoughts. Those with panic disorder can use a journal to explore their experiences with their condition, writing about their struggles and successes in dealing with their symptoms. Reviewing past journal entries can also bring self-awareness to your panic and anxiety triggers. Aside from self-expression and exploration, journal writing can also be an effective way to track your progress. A journal can be used to record your experience with relaxation techniques, panic attacks, and other anxiety symptoms. For example, you may be practicing certain coping skills, such as progressive muscle relaxation, visualization, or desensitization. You can use your journal as a means to record how your technique went that day, writing down how you felt before and after you tried the technique, noting what you like or didn’t like. Tips for Getting Started With Journaling To get started all you need 5-10 minutes of time set aside and some type of journal. You can purchase a traditional journal or diary to write in, make your own, use your computer, or simply use a pen and paper. You may also want to consider getting creative in your journal writing and using other forms of self-expression. For example, you can incorporate drawing, poetry, quotes, photographs, painting, and other forms of artistic media into your journaling. You might purchase a journal at the store or perhaps you’ll create your own, using paper, magazine pictures, and your writing. Maybe you will take pictures and secure them into a notebook to express your connection with the world around you. The options are endless and there are no rules to journal writing. Within the pages of your journal, allow yourself the freedom of complete self-expression. Try not to censor yourself. Write down everything that comes to mind. Don’t worry about grammar and spelling.Journal writing is a creative expression. Give yourself permission to openly and honestly express yourself. If you are holding back out of fear that someone may find your journal, then try to keep it in a secure place.Remember that there are no rules in journal writing. You can write about your day, what you are grateful for, your hopes for the future, or anything else that appeals to you.Many people chose to keep a journal that is based around a theme. For example, some people chose to keep a gratitude journal, a diary of daily events, or a panic and anxiety tracker.Attempt to put aside at least 5 to 10 minutes a day for journaling. Figure out what time of day is best for you. Consider writing in the morning to get all your worries, frustrations, and hopes for the day out of your system. Write in the evening to reflect on your day.Try not to view journal writing as a task. Rather, consider it an opportunity to learn about yourself, cope with your condition, and grow as an individual. The 7 Best Online Anxiety Support Groups

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Compare Piaget and Vygotsky Essay - 1718 Words

Piaget v Vygotsky Cognitive development is the term used to describe the construction of thought process, including remembering, problem solving and decision-making, from childhood through adolescence to adulthood. In this essay I will compare and contrast the theories of Piaget and Vygotsky, both of which were enormously significant contributors to the cognitive development component to/in psychology. In addition to this I will also weigh up the strengths and weaknesses of each theory and outline how they can be applied to an educational setting. At the centre of Piagets theory is the principle that cognitive development occurs in a series of four distinct, universal stages, each characterized by increasingly sophisticated and†¦show more content†¦Unlike Piaget, who was of an academic background and didn’t apply his theories. Never the less, they both theories influenced education and empahsied the importance of assessment however Vygotsky wanted the observation of children and their abilities to be as valied as test scores. Most of the criticism of Piaget’s work is in regards to his research methods. A major source of his inspiration for the theory was based on his observations of his own children. And because of this small sample group, people believe that it is difficult and incorrect to generalise his findings to a larger population. Similarly, many psychologists believe that Piaget underestimated the age which children could accomplish certain tasks and that sometimes children understand a concept before they are able to demonstrate their understanding of it. For example, children in the Sensorimotor stage may not search for a hidden object because their motor skills are not developed, rather than because they lack object permanence. This has been supported by evidence from Bower Wishart (1972). They found that the way that an object is made to disappear influences the child’s response. As well as this, Piaget’s theory has been said to overestimate that every child and adult re aches the formal operational stage of knowledge development. Dasen (1994) claims that only a third of adults ever reach this stage.Show MoreRelatedCompare and contrast Piaget‚Äà ´s and Vygotsky‚Äà ´s theories of cognitive development in children1274 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿ Compare and contrast Piaget’s and Vygotsky’s theories of cognitive development in children. This essay will compare Piaget’s and Vygotsky’s theories of cognitive development in children. Also, show the differences between the two psychologist’s theories. Thus, by showing their similarities like in language and adaptation theories. Further, differences like Piaget’s theory on cognitive developmental stages and the schemas which are build to learn or accommodate new words or things. Vygostky’sRead MoreCompare And Contrastusing Apa Style. Nori Mosqueda Rivera.1010 Words   |  5 PagesCompare and Contrast Using APA Style Nori Mosqueda Rivera Northcentral University The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast two famous educators using APA Style. This paper will talk about theories of Piaget and Vygotsky in which similarities and differences in their theories will be discussed. At the end of this paper, you will be able to understand the differences and the and similarities between both famous educators. If we take a brief look and compare Piaget s TheoryRead MoreThe Purpose Of This Paper Is To Compare And Contrast Two714 Words   |  3 Pagespurpose of this paper is to compare and contrast two famous educators using APA Style. This paper will talk about theories of Piaget and Vygotsky in which similarities and differences in their theories will be discussed. At the end of this paper, you will be able to understand the differences between both famous educators. 1. If we take a brief look and compare Piaget s Theory with Vygotsky Theory we will see that Piaget Theory was a Constructivist Theory, while Vygotsky Theory was a SocioculturalRead MoreVygotsky And Vygotsky Theories Of Learning1257 Words   |  6 PagesTheories of learning In this essay, I will compare and contrast jean Piaget and lev Vygotsky theories of learning. First, I will discuss Piaget followed by Vygotsky then I will compare and contrast both theorists. Jean Piaget was a Swiss developmental psychologist and philosopher, he is known for his contribution to a theory of cognitive development. Piaget became interested in the reasons why children gave the wrong answers to questions that required logical thinking. He believed that these incorrectRead MoreThe Theories Of Piaget And Vygotsky933 Words   |  4 PagesCompare and Contrast Using APA Style Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky are two renowned psychologists in the field of developmental psychology. The purpose of this paper is to summarize, to discuss the similarities, to discuss the differences, and to discuss what can be gained from a better understanding of the theories of Piaget and Vygotsky. A Brief Summary of the Theories of Piaget and Vygotsky The following sections explain the theories of Piaget and Vygotsky. Piaget’s Theory Piaget’s theory statesRead MoreVygotsky And Vygotsky s Theory Of Development791 Words   |  4 Pages Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky are prominent influential figures in the field of developmental psychology. The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast their theories of development, as well as identified what can be gained through a better understanding of the theories. A Brief Summary of the Theories of Piaget and Vygotsky Piaget’s theory of development is based on four stages: sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, and formal operational stage. Piaget believed developmentRead MoreEducational Methods Influenced By Jean Piaget And Lev Vygotsky800 Words   |  4 Pagesresearch of Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky. Both of these men provided influential theories, which had a significant impact on evaluating children’s learning styles and abilities. After years of research and observation, Piaget determined that intellectual development is the result of the interaction of individual and environmental factors. He felt that as a child develops and always interacts with the world around him, knowledge was established. Through his observations of his children, Piaget developedRead MoreComparing Piaget And Vygotsky s Theory Of Cognitive Development813 Words   |  4 Pages Compare and Contrast Using APA Style In the world of psychology, Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky are considered to be very prominent figures in the area of cognitive development. Both of these men considered themselves a constructivist, which entails a viewpoint that is concerned with the nature of knowledge. In their lifetime, both of them made contributions in the area of education and even after death, their theories still influence teaching methods. The purpose of this paper is to showRead MorePiaget Vs Vygotsky : Piaget And Vygotsky1314 Words   |  6 PagesCompare Two Famous Educators: Piaget vs. Vygotsky Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky are often considered the most influential cognitive development and learning psychologists of the 20th century. Their research efforts have inspired numerous interpretations and spawned new outlets of approaching developmental psychology. The following paragraphs will analyze the theories of Piaget of Vygotsky and discuss how their research can be used to advance the use of cognitive development in learning, both traditionalRead MoreA Comparison of Theorists989 Words   |  4 PagesEducation. Lev Vygotsky and Jean Piaget are two of the many theorists that benefit the teachers and parents to comprehend their children learning development. The paper will compare the two theorists and their difference of their cognitive development. Jean Piaget vs. Lev Vygotsky Jean Piaget cognitive development theory explained the changes of logical thinking of children and adolescent. Piaget suggested that children advance four stages based on maturity and experience. Piaget suggested... 1

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Why Students Drop Out Of College After Their Freshman Year

Ever wonder why students drop out of college after their freshman year? Have you ever found yourself sitting in class wondering why you had to be there? Well in Article 26 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that â€Å"everyone has the right to education†. The global movement Education For All, led by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization describes education as not only a right, but a passport to human development; opening doors and expanding opportunities and freedoms. Education is considered a human right and the education we receive should in fact be an adequate one. However, this is not the case if public education is leaving our students unprepared for college. There is a lack of quality†¦show more content†¦Most schools in economically disadvantaged areas in the United States suffer from teachers who are underprepared and too often work in schools with poor working decisions, and low pay. The experienced teach ers that these schools have tend to leave and the good teachers will do their best to avoid them. Most educators in poor areas are not as likely to have the same qualifications and skills as the teachers that are in advantaged areas. Most of the time teachers at low income schools are there in order to gain some experience so they can later on become more desirable by high performing schools. There are many inequalities amongst students, there are students in advantaged areas having twice as much spent on them as disadvantaged students. If you take a look at some inner city schools such as the ones in Chicago or New York, you would see that most of those schools have teachers not suited for their position along with overcrowded classrooms, damaged buildings, torn up textbooks. The purpose of the federal program No child left behind was to make sure that poverty stricken areas are funded. New York City used to hire teachers that had failed their licensure exam multiple times. As a r esult of attending inadequate schools, many students do very poorly when compared to the more advantaged students. Much like banks schools are redlining. Redlining is where a red line is drawn along

Occupy Wall Street Free Essays

Occupy Wall Street Michelle W. November 4, 2012 Title of Paper Discuss the moral and economic implications involved in the movement. The Occupy Wall Street Movement began September 17, 2011, in the Liberty Square of Zuccotti Park located in New York City. We will write a custom essay sample on Occupy Wall Street or any similar topic only for you Order Now The protest is against corporations that take advantage of the economic poor and social inequalities, corruption, greed, and the excessive power of corporations on government over the democratic process. The group Occupy Wall Street has spread globally to over 1500 cities, they are demonstrating against the destructive powers of major banks and multinational corporations. These powers have influenced the government to bail them out, then turn around and make multimillion dollar profits which has created an economic collapse. The protest is against the 1% group, which refers to banks, the mortgage industry, the insurance industry, which leaves the 99% that aren’t in the multimillion dollar profit groups we are the made of the everyday people, the little guy. Occupy Wall Street protestors viewed the dominant rich as those who exploited their way to the top. OWS suggested that it was the taxpayers who had to bail the large companies out after they caused the collapse of the economy (Haidt, 2012). Analyze each of the implications identified above against the utilitarian, Kantian, and virtue ethics to determine which theory best applies to the movement. Support your position with examples and evidence. Utilitarian is the moral doctrine that we should always act to produce the greatest possible balance of good over bad for everyone affected by our actions. The greatest happiness of all constitutes the standard that determines whether an action is right or wrong. Our belief that we are individuals and society is the net result of our choices. For example, the practice of blowing up rocks to release underground natural gas would not be permitted near residential areas if energy complaints did not make large campaign contributions (Cohan, 2011). Determine who is responsible for income inequality and wealth distribution in the U. S. in your analysis, make sure to include if this is something that happened suddenly or if it built up over time. Explain you rationale. Suggest an equitable outcome from the movement that would be appropriate for our capitalistic society. It has been said that the OWS movement is a big hypocrisy. That it is a large number of Americans that are rich by the world’s standards that we are not satisfied being paid what we value our work is worth on the global market. That now we are complainers, unable to care for ourselves, since we no longer have our parent to cry to, so now we are groveling to government and the successful businesses (Erich, 2012). Predict whether the movement will continue, fade away, or turn into something else. Provide a rationale with your response. Within the months since the movement began, they have lost their momentum and are drifting farther away. The movement has been driven off the streets by law enforcement; protestors are being arrested and evicted by the thousands, a very visible steep decline. This has left OWS without any operations in many cities and forced the thousands of protestors to defend themselves in courts, which in turn has kept many from returning to the streets. OWS does not have the leadership structure which makes it difficult to interact in conventional political organizing to support their legislators and Congress like the Tea Party. Most of the activists are upset with politicians; they do not see the electoral politics as the best direction for OWS, therefore complicating matters for the movement’s efforts even more (Haidt, 2012) . References Haidt, J. (2012, April 10). The moral foundations of occupy wall street. Retrieved from http://reason. com/archives/2011/10/20/the-moral-foundations-of-occup Stolarik, R. 2012, September 17). Occupy movement (occupy wall street). Retrieved Nov. 3, 2012 http://topics. nytimes. com/top/reference/timestopics/organizations/o/occupy_wa ll_street/index. html Erich, R. (2012, May 09). The occupy wall street movement: How they could do it the right way. Retrieved November 3, 2012 http://roberterich. hubpages. com/hub/The-Occupy-Wall-Street-Movement-How-They-Could-Do-It-the-Right-Way Cohan, P. (2011 , October 10). What is occupy wall street?. Retrieved from www. forbes. com/sites/petecohan/2011/10/10/what-is-occupy-wall-street-print/ How to cite Occupy Wall Street, Essay examples

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Lion King Vs Hamlet Essays - Characters In Hamlet,

Lion King Vs Hamlet The movie, The Lion King, and the book, Hamlet, both have a similar story line. In both stories, the king is killed and revenge is sought by the kings son. The murderers in the stories are the kings brothers who want the power of the throne. After the death of the Kings, both of the villains successfully took over the kingdoms. While these villains ruled, the kingdoms slowly deteriorated. Neither of the sons liked the villains, but they did not know at first that they had anything to do with their fathers death. It took an outside force to convince them that they must vow revenge for their fathers death. Both sons had the wit to approach revenge strategically. They wanted the villains to know that they knew about how their fathers were murdered. The leading roles in each of the stories had a corresponding role in the other. The corresponding characters shared a number of similarities, but it was the ways in which they were different that determined their fate and that of the kingdom. In Hamlet, the prince is Hamlet. He is in deep grieving of his fathers death. He is angry because he believes that everyone has already forgotten how great of a king his father was. Hamlet does not know for sure who is responsible for his fathers death, but he suspects Claudius who is his uncle and the new king. Hamlet decides that if he can convince everyone that he is insane, then maybe he will be able to get someone to tell him more about his fathers murder. In The Lion King, Simba is the prince. Simbas father, Mufasa, is killed after he falls from a cliff into a herd of hyenas. Simba falls into a deep depression after his uncle Scar twists things around and convinces Simba that he is the one responsible for the Mufasas death. Simba can not d eal with what has happened and he runs away from the kingdom. In Hamlet, The new king Claudius is able to gain respect from the kingdom. He even steals the love of Hamlets mother Gertrude. The old kings councilor, Polonius, becomes Claudiuss councilor and his best friend. He helps Claudius keep an eye on Hamlet and tries to keep him from finding out anything about his fathers death. Polonius believes that if he helps Claudius that he can make life better for himself and for his daughter and son. But in the end, his actions get him slayed, drive his daughter to insanity, and eventually set the stage for his son to die in a sword fight with Hamlet. In The Lion King, as soon as Scar takes over as king, everything in the kingdom begins to die and grow ugly. The three Hyenas become Scars helpers. He uses them to do his work and to keep an eye on Simba. The Hyenas think that by helping Scar, they will earn some power, but Scar eventually double-crosses them. In Hamlet, Hamlets mother crosses her son by marrying Claudius. She loved Hamlet, but she wanted to keep her title as queen. Throughout the play she shows that she is loyal to Claudius because she tells him everything that Hamlet tells her. Hamlet cant understand how a woman could just forget the love of one man, his father, and jump right into another bed with a new man. He begins to hate all women because of this. In The Lion King, Sarabi, Simbas mom has great pride and faith in her son. When her husband dies, she knows that Simba is not to blame. She also believes that Simba has the strength to take the throne back and reclaim the kingdom. Hamlets only friend who he can trust in the play is Horatio. When Hamlet sees the ghost of his father, he is able to confide in Horatio about what he had seen and what the ghost had told him. The ghost told Hamlet that Claudius was the murderer of his father. This is easy for Hamlet to believe because he doesnt like Claudius. Hamlet gets an idea to perform a play in front of the whole kingdom that would depict the way in which he

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Investigating Stoichiometry with Carbonic Acid Salts Essay Example

Investigating Stoichiometry with Carbonic Acid Salts Essay Example Investigating Stoichiometry with Carbonic Acid Salts Essay Investigating Stoichiometry with Carbonic Acid Salts Essay Investigating Stoichiometry with Carbonic Acid Salts Problem: Testing the actual yield versus the theoretical yield of NaCl when HCI is titrated into Na2C03 and NaHC03. When 0. 15g of both NaHC03 and Na2C03 are titrated with HCI, then 0. 165g of NaCl should form from the NaHC03, and 0. 104g of NaCl should form from the 0. 15g of Na2C03. Procedure: Weigh 2 samples of 0. 15g of dried unknown each, and dissolve each into 50mL of distilled water. Add 0. 5 to 1 mL of bromocresol green indicator until the solution turns blue. Titrate the HCI until it turns green. Gently heat and boil out the C02. It should turn blue again. Continue the titration until it turns yellow. Heat the solution and let the water evaporate. Weigh the glassware with the solid formed at the bottom, NaCl. Dispose of the NaCl, rinse and dry the glassware. Weigh the empty glassware and record. Find the difference from 5 and 6. Do this for both flasks. Results: In table 1 . 1, the mixture of HCI and unknown sample 1 were combined. It took about 19. 5mL of HCI to turn the solution yellow, after heating and evaporating the water from the solution, the glassware with the NaCl weighed 92. 84g. When the glassware was weighed again after the NaCl was washed out, it was 92. 69g. There was 0. g of NaCl that had formed. In table 1. 2, the mixture of HCI and unkown sample 2 were combined. It took 40mL of HCI to turn the solution yellow, after the heating and evaporation of the water, the glassware with the NaCl weighed 76. 38g. When the glassware was weighed again after the NaCl was washed out, it was 76. 24g. There was 0. 14g of NaCl that had formed. Discussion: The results for example 2 might have been off, when titrating the solution we added too much HCI and turned the solution yellow instead of green. So instead of boiling the solution until it turned blue again, we had to boil the solution to evaporate the ater. That may have thrown off the amount of NaCl that was supposed to form after the water evaporated. Data: The data that was collected was reasonable, the error wasnt too large and both results were close to the theoretical values. Conclusion: We learned that the theoretical yields of a solution can be reached if all the steps are followed exactly; by over titrating sample number 2, we skipped the steps to boil the solution back to blue and then re-titrate to yellow. We have learned that over titrating can throw off your actual yield. Investigating Stoichiometry with Carbonic Acid Salts By boopidyboo

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21 ejemplos de negocios con visas E2 de inversionista

21 ejemplos de negocios con visas E2 de inversionista La visa E2 permite a inversionistas de ms de medio centenar de paà ­ses obtener los papeles para vivir en Estados Unidos -junto con su familia- gestionando su propio negocio. Cada aà ±o fiscal se vienen aprobando una media de entre 25,000 y 30,000 visas E2. En la actualidad se estima que hay unos 100,000 negocios que son propiedad de inversionistas con este tipo de visados, que dan empleo a un millà ³n de ciudadanos americanos. Recordar que los negocios se pueden crear de la nada o comprar ya existentes.  Estos son los 10 tipos de empresas que existen en Estados Unidos. Tipos de negocios cuyos propietarios pudieron obtener una visa E2 En realidad es vlido cualquier tipo de negocio real y legal (ver el enlace al principio de este artà ­culo sobre requisitos). A continuacià ³n una lista de negocios reales, que existen hoy en dà ­a y, en algunos casos, nombres para poder hacer una bà ºsqueda en internet para tener una idea ms completa de quà © se puede hacer. Cafeterà ­as, salones de tà © o cafà © y pubs. Esta es una opcià ³n muy popular.Cerrajeros (locksmith)Concesionarios de autos (dealership)Construccià ³n, en sus diversas facetas. Por ejemplo, colocacià ³n de todo tipo de pisos (flooring) como Steamboat Springs en el estado de Colorado, servicio de pintura, etc.Decoracià ³n del hogar. Educacià ³n, desde academias a escuelas preescolares, guarderias infantiles y entrenamiento de vuelos.Fbricas de lo ms variado, desde productos de alta tecnologà ­a a fabricantes de aspiradores, como por ejemplo Miracle Mate USA en el estado de Washington.Franquicias, que poseen grandes ventajas para las personas que carecen de experiencia gestionando negocios. Gerencia de propiedades (una opcià ³n frecuente)Hoteles, posadas, bed and breakfasts.Imprenta. Por ejemplo, Minuteman Press en Anniston, Alabama.Laboratorios mà ©dicos, como Essential Diagnostics en California. Mascotas: servicios veterinarios, entrenamiento de perros como Bark Busters en Florida, peluquerà ­a animal, etc. Paqueterà ­a y mensajerà ­aParque para autocaravanas (RV) como por ejemplo Shady Acres en Mississippi. Restaurantes, esta es una opcià ³n muy comà ºn.Salones de belleza, peluquerà ­a, spa, manicura y pedicura.Servicios de limpieza, cuidado de jardines (landscaping), poda de rboles y de piscinas (albercas o piletas). Por ejemplo, Windermerepools en Florida.Servicios proveedor de empleados domà ©sticos, por ejemplo Melody Maids en Florida.Tiendas de cualquier tipo de producto. Por ejemplo, chocolates, pasteles, piezas para motos,ropa, costura, artà ­culos para baà ±os y cocina, cortinas, artà ­culos para hobbies, alquiler de muebles para eventos, floristerà ­as, antigà ¼edades, artà ­culos para golf, etc.Transporte escolar y mà ©dico. En un principio, una inversià ³n inmobiliaria no es razà ³n suficiente para que se pueda solicitar y menos obtener la visa E-2. A menos que se pueda presentar como un negocio activo y real. A tener en cuenta En realidad se puede tener cualquier tipo de negocio. Lo fundamental es tener un buen plan de negocio y tener capacidad para gestionarlo y el dinero para crearlo. La inversià ³n tiene que ser sustancial para obtener la visa E-2. Adems, hay que tener pasaporte de un paà ­s con un tratado de inversià ³n con Estados Unidos. No confundir con los tratados de libre comercio, que son otra cosa. Y desatacar que en los casos de doble nacionalidad es suficiente con tener una de las nacionalidades. Se permite que sean franquicias con un modelo de negocio probado. Estas son las consideradas como las 10 mejores franquicias de Estados Unidos. A la hora de elaborarlo es muy aconsejable contar con la colaboracià ³n de un profesional que conozca Estados Unidos y cà ³mo funcionan las leyes. SelectUSA, gestionado por el gobierno federal, es un buen lugar para comenzar a recabar informacià ³n y pedir referencias de profesionales en distintos estados. Adems, puede dar buena informacià ³n sobre el proceso de constituir legalmente empresas y de cà ³mo obtener financiacià ³n. El negocio se puede crear en cualquiera de los 50 estados de la Unià ³n Americana, en Washington D.C. o en cualquiera de los territorios de los EEUU como, por ejemplo, Puerto Rico (informacià ³n sobre documentos que se necesitan para viajar a la Isla y datos bsicos sobre su estatus). Puerto Rico posee excelentes atractivos, destacando obviamente, que el idioma es el espaà ±ol. A la hora de decidirse por invertir en un estado o en otro, tener en cuenta datos bsicos como los impuestos que se pagan a nivel estatal y local. Estos son los estados en los que es ms fcil hacer negocio. Sin duda va a impactar en los resultados del negocio. Otras opciones de visa para inversores Si la E-2 no es la opcià ³n adecuada, estas  son 8 posibilidades de obtener una visa y fundar un negocio en Estados Unidos.  Adems, en el caso de emprendedores que   ya tienen en sus paà ­ses un negocio de import/export, la visa  E-1 para los comerciantes  podrà ­a ser la adecuada. Finalmente, si se est abierto a emigrar a otros paà ­ses, estos 20 permiten obtener la ciudadanà ­a (pasaporte) o/y la residencia a cambio de una inversià ³n. Las cantidades y las condiciones son muy diferentes entre sà ­. Y si la decisià ³n es intentar Estados Unidos, estas son 10 cosas importantes que se deben conocer antes de viajar, a ser posible, o nada ms llegar.   Este es un artà ­culo informativo. No es asesorà ­a legal.