Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Why Students Drop Out Of College After Their Freshman Year

Ever wonder why students drop out of college after their freshman year? Have you ever found yourself sitting in class wondering why you had to be there? Well in Article 26 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that â€Å"everyone has the right to education†. The global movement Education For All, led by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization describes education as not only a right, but a passport to human development; opening doors and expanding opportunities and freedoms. Education is considered a human right and the education we receive should in fact be an adequate one. However, this is not the case if public education is leaving our students unprepared for college. There is a lack of quality†¦show more content†¦Most schools in economically disadvantaged areas in the United States suffer from teachers who are underprepared and too often work in schools with poor working decisions, and low pay. The experienced teach ers that these schools have tend to leave and the good teachers will do their best to avoid them. Most educators in poor areas are not as likely to have the same qualifications and skills as the teachers that are in advantaged areas. Most of the time teachers at low income schools are there in order to gain some experience so they can later on become more desirable by high performing schools. There are many inequalities amongst students, there are students in advantaged areas having twice as much spent on them as disadvantaged students. If you take a look at some inner city schools such as the ones in Chicago or New York, you would see that most of those schools have teachers not suited for their position along with overcrowded classrooms, damaged buildings, torn up textbooks. The purpose of the federal program No child left behind was to make sure that poverty stricken areas are funded. New York City used to hire teachers that had failed their licensure exam multiple times. As a r esult of attending inadequate schools, many students do very poorly when compared to the more advantaged students. Much like banks schools are redlining. Redlining is where a red line is drawn along

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