Saturday, November 2, 2019

MGMT305 U4 IP Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

MGMT305 U4 IP - Essay Example This whole process involves about 29 labour intensive and time consuming steps to manufacture the boards. To enhance efficiency and attract more customers, Firewire moved from the multifaceted production process to the CAD system that allows it to customize boards to elite customers. Furthermore, it uses a ShapeLogic NX software that allows its customers to feed the CAD, experiment with the designs, and integrate it with the computer numerical control (CNC) process. This software also provides its customers with an online system for customization that has advanced CAD tools and a web-based interface feature. This is Firewire’s most essential logistical infrastructure. A customer generates the model through the system which is directly transmitted to the factory for the manufacture. The major operations of Firewire are the manufacturing, marketing, distribution and sale of the surfboards. However, much of this is done online. The company thrives on innovation having engineered the first main change in the composition of surfboards for about 40 years. The materials used comprise of expanded polystyrene foam and epoxy resins. Distribution and sale of products entails the customers making modifications to the intended designs and even sharing with fellow surfers to seek their opinions before ordering for the same. This is attained through interactive communication among customers who after using the products reports the same to friends and colleagues who then visit the company’s website thus, leading to the creation of a marketing buzz for boosting of sales. Basically, the company’s marketing and sale of the surfboards is made through an online-based social networking process that allows for the sharing of the unique design files among various customers. The main form of technology used for production of the surfboards is a computer-aided design (CAD) that has been integrated with a

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