Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Effect of Sildenafil on mouse oocyte development in vivo followed Literature review

The Effect of Sildenafil on mouse oocyte development in vivo followed by in vitro culture until the blastocyst stage - Literature review Example ersity, Belfast, Glenn took samples of sperm from volunteers and bathed them in weak solutions of sildenafil citrate, to produce a dosage, equal to that found in the blood of a male who had consumed a tablet of the drug. The behaviour of the treated sperm was compared with another sample of untreated sperm. The findings indicate that sildenafil citrate increased the activity level of the sperms, but found that it damaged the acrosome of the sperm, which contains enzymes needed to dissolve the membrane of a womans oocyte. This meant that the acrosome breaks down early, and thus, it is not able to act on the womans eggs, and fertilisation does not take place (McKie, 2008). Sildenafil has been used with great success for the treatment of erectile problems in males since 1997 (Sher et al. 2000). The fact that NO synthase is present in the ovarian cells, the endometrium (Hattori and Tabata, 2006) and within the ovarian vascular network (Sher, et al. 2000) combined with the finding that its vasodilatory effects show a positive correlation to its concentration, oriented the researchers (Tamanini, et al., 2002) to use sildenafil as a treatment for hypertension and Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR) during pregnancy (Sasser and Baylis, 2010). A research by Neithardt et al. (2005) studied the process of embryo after loading, by placing the catheter and a dose of sildenafil citrate, applied vaginally for 127 women who had difficulty in conceiving. After some time, the researchers found that the pregnancy rate of women with ET, was 52.4%, and at the same time, it was 34.9% for the group who were not administered the dose. The researchers therefore concluded that sildenafil citrate impacts the success of embryo transplant after loading. In a related research, Zinger et al. (2006) used sildenafil citrate to treat two infertile women, who suffered from the Ashermans syndrome. The women had a thin endometrium, and had subsequently failed to conceive in previous IVF

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